My World

Photo by @diegophotoart

My World lies in between Nature and Technology, but in or close by the Ocean, especially the Eastern Pacific is where I feel most comfortable.

Born and raised in Germany, I have been fascinated by charismatic and colorful species exotic to my home country ever since I was little. Although I completed my high school major (“Abitur”) in arts, and at some point was going to study Fine Arts, I moved to Costa Rica at the age of 19 to study Biology with the sole intention to save sea turtles through science. I hold a Masters Degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology, focusing on genetic connectivities of sea turtle aggregations. This is where I met the El Jobo community and as a co-founder of ETC (see “Biodiversity”) I finally found the meaning of Conservation and Sustainable Development.

Through my art, I want to bring the ecological complexity and fragile biodiversity to the spectator. It frightens me to see, that our rapidly advancing evolution of science and technology fails to include the pure and perfect composition of Nature, without which we cannot live. Virtual realities are a product of our endless imagination and capabilities, but we must not forget that they will also become unsustainable if we do not take care of what surrounds our machines.
We cannot recreate Nature.

By purchasing my artwork, you help me in raising awareness and become part of achieving a sustainable balance. 10% of each artwork sold goes to ETC.